Hyundai Hope On Wheels

Hyundai Hope On Wheels® Celebrates September
Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Hyundai Hope On Wheels® (HHOW®) is embarking on a month-long virtual series of events this month to celebrate Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Throughout the month of September Hyundai Hope On Wheels® will hold virtual events and announce the 26 researcher grant winners at children’s hospitals located across the nation as well as 23 COVID-19 grant winners.

What is Hyundai Hope On Wheels®?

Hyundai Hope On Wheels® is a nonprofit organization that has been fighting to end childhood cancer for the last 22 years. This organization builds awareness for pediatric cancer and funds research to find treatments and cures. Since the very beginning Hyundai Hope On Wheels® has awarded more than 1,000 major grants to help researchers find innovative approaches to childhood cancer treatment. HHOW® is supported by U.S. Hyundai dealerships and Hyundai Motor America and has provided more than $172 million in donations since its founding.

Hyundai Hope on Wheels donation

What is Hyundai Hope On Wheels® Doing for Kids this September?

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness month and the annual September HHOW® campaign theme is “Every Handprint Tells a Story.” With more than 15,000 new pediatric cancer diagnoses in the U.S. every year, childhood cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease among U.S. children. HHOW® uses handprints to share the journeys of those affected by pediatric cancer and to inspire hope in those who have been touched by cancer.

This year, Hyundai Hope On Wheels® has even more grants to give out, awarding 16 Hyundai Scholar Hope Grants, 10 Hyundai Young Investigators Grants, and 23 COVID-19 Grants. With the impact of COVID-19 affecting so many families throughout the country this year, and being especially dangerous for child cancer patients, additional grants have been provided by HHOW® to create more testing sites throughout the country to stop the spread of COVID-19.

How Can You Help Hyundai Hope On Wheels®?

One of the most important steps to helping end pediatric cancer is spreading awareness. Hyundai Hope On Wheels® asks that supporters help spread their message this September and create more awareness surrounding childhood cancer. To take action to help HHOW® you can share their message, sign their petition to end childhood cancer and provide monetary donations to help them award even more research grants.

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Hyundai of Mankato Takes Hyundai Hope On Wheels® Pledge

Hyundai of Mankato is one of 830 proud dealerships that are a part of the Hyundai Hope On Wheels® project. The Hyundai of Mankato team is dedicated to the goal HHOW® has in place and is proud to do its part to help make a difference. As a part of our team’s commitment to helping fund the research Hyundai Hope On Wheels® is providing, we are making a monetary donation to HHOW® with every new Hyundai vehicle we sell.


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