Are Automatic Transmissions and Intelligent Variable Transmissions the Same Thing?

March 26th, 2021 by

How Does an Intelligent Variable Transmission Work?

When shopping for a new vehicle it is easy to brush over various features without thinking too much about how they impact the vehicle. One area many customers are unfamiliar with is the transmission system and most just want to know whether the vehicle is an automatic or a manual model. The Hyundai brand has equipped many of its vehicles, including the Hyundai Elantra, with what it calls a Smart Stream Intelligent Variable Transmission, or IVT. This has many customers wondering – how does an Intelligent Variable Transmission work and what is it?

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Our team at Hyundai of Mankato has put together this guide to break down how an Intelligent Variable Transmission works and what exactly it means for your daily drives.

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What is an Intelligent Variable Transmission?
The Hyundai brand introduced a new IVT that aims to improve the fuel economy of equipped vehicles. The IVT offers better fuel economy and a smoother and more responsive drive on the road than traditional automatic transmission.

An IVT performs similarly to continuously variable transmission, performing continuous shifts as you drive in your vehicle. Traditional automatic transmissions will momentarily disconnect the vehicle’s engine from the driveline when shifting gears, resulting in an interruption of forward motion that is often felt by vehicle occupants. The Smart Stream IVT, on the other hand, performs in such a way that there is little or no loss of momentum when the system shifts gears throughout the drive.

An Intelligent Variable Transmission changes ratios quicker than a traditional automatic transmission, allowing power to get the wheels much faster than automatics. This quick power results in an incredibly smooth and responsive drive on the road, allowing for one of the most comfortable driving experiences available.

Hyundai models equipped with an Intelligent Variable Transmission are available now at Hyundai of Mankato. Experience IVT-equipped Hyundai models in Mankato today by booking a test drive at our dealership and seeing for yourself how an Intelligent Variable Transmission can transform your experience on the road.

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